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I've been writing terse-verse humor for over 20 years now. And while my cartoons appeared in the Arizona Daily Sun (and other publications) for 17 of those years, my yearning to be unbound by content and length has always tugged at my innermost soul. Now, how could a guy who writes terse verse bitch about wanting to be free to write longer stuff? Well, my cartoons demanded the ultimate brevity due to space limitations. So, most cartoon lines were 8-10 words long, and that was that. It was really a challenge, and one I dearly loved. But, now I get to be a little less brief, and it's total nirvana.

Also, most of what I wrote never made the paper, thus I entitled it "Shot Off The Press" for all the lines that never had a chance to be published, and many were just too controversial. Obviously, you can see controversy is no longer a consideration. And, I've certainly become much more edgy and political because the times have demanded it. I NEED this outlet to express my true feelings about where our country is heading. I am rebellious, proud, and grateful to be able to express my true feelings without having to worry about offending anyone. Once a Hippie, ALWAYS a Hippie. That's me.

Dreams? Goals? I've never wavered in my lifelong desire to become syndicated. That hasn't changed. And, it never will. You always dream of making a living at writing. Everyone wants to be a writer, and rightfully so. The only things I have going for me over someone else are a staunch refusal to never give up, and a passion for writing what I do that just won't quit. It only gets stronger with each passing day.

I can not tell you how grateful and humbled I am for your interest. That is truly the greatest payoff of all. -- Grant W. "Brad" Gerver

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