Writing Services

I name products, create slogans and mottos, write political and non-political humor, ads, songs, jingles and bumper stickers. Terse verse is my specialty. Always happy to brainstorm, I'll tackle almost anything involving quick, clever, powerful short bursts of writing.

If you are interested in hiring me for any of my services and/or have a creative project you are trying to conquer, please contact me.  I'd be happy to discuss how my writing can enhance your endeavor.
Grant Brad Gerver 
Political Humorist, Master of Terse Verse

"Let's Get Serious, and I'm NOT Kidding."

My 5 Main Passions:
Writing Political Humor That Demands Syndication ~ Check out "Shot Off The Press" for a continuing sample of my work, or just head straight to the flagship: SeriousKidding.com
Bumper Stickers: I am happily consumed by them.
Creative Consulting ~ Humor, Advertising, Ad and Product Concepts, Product Naming, Copywriting, Editing, Slogans, Mottos, Comedy, Political Satire, Opinion, Bumper Stickers, Songswriting, Proofreading, and anything else you'd like me to consider. Full-Service Writing & Brainstorming: Let Me Be Your Think Tank.
Product and Company Naming ~ I have freelanced with numerous companies for product naming campaigns including: NameOne, NameSharks, and NameBase.com.  I currently work for internationally acclaimed marketing, naming, and branding expert, Dr. Chiranjeev Kohli at I.D.ENTITY.
Blues Songwriting and Performances ~ Check out "The Buzzard Brothers" for upcoming gigs. My YouTube blues, rock & folk songwriting channel.

Grant "Brad" Gerver - Featuring political left-wing humor including bumper stickers, terse verses, music and more.
"Where creativity and originality meet punctuality and good grammar."

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