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Junk Food for Thought ~ B.S. Bumper Stickers ~ Headloons

I created three cartoon features for Flagstaff's Arizona Daily Sun: Junk Food For Thought, B.S.--Bumper Stickers, and Headloons. Often, "Junk" and "B.S." both ran weekly. Altogether, my cartoons ran on a continuous weekly basis for 17+ years. Now that I'm without an illustrator, my lines live on unbridled in the pages of "Shot Off The Press."

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Cartoon Samples
(HEADLOONS are near the bottom)

"Bush War Cry"
"Might As Well"
"Dumb Questions"
"The Rolling Stones"
"You Knew This Was Coming"
"Na Na Na Na Na Na"
"Whacky Iraqi"
"Hold On To Your Hats!"
"E-mail Tax"
"You Won't Believe What Weapons Inspectors Found"
"Iraq: Alternate Spelling"
"Right Wing Logic" / "War=$1 Bills"
"Lox" / "Mother's Back"
"F%#*@$! Politician"
"Missing Dan"
"Oh Yeah?!"
"Reasonable Saddam"
"Cowboy Chic"
"U of Nebraska"
"Tongue Stud"
"Global Warming"
"Earth Tattoo"
"Holding Tank"
"$$Profit Formula$$!"
"J. Edgar Stamps"
--deemed too controversial for the paper...
"Martha Stewart"
"Safe Bet"
"Texas Scientologists"

"Slugger Cereal"
"Safe Nuclear"
"New Breed"
"Dr. Phil"
"Nude Beach"
"Cyber Fired"
"Teenie Tires"
"Crop Dusters"
"Water Conservation"
"What, me worry?"
"Hey, Couch Potato"
"Death & Taxes"
"The Flying Truth"
"Oh No!"
"Enron Stock"
"Land mine"
11/04/01--"Yuk Yuk"
10/27/01--"Product Testing"

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Junk Food For Thought ~ B.S. Bumper Stickers ~ Headloon Cartoons

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Classics: A Compilation ~ JUNK FOOD FOR THOUGHT; B.S.--Bumper Stickers; HEADLOONS~  These ran weekly in the ARIZONA DAILY SUN for 17 straight years.

Lyrical Song Samples published by Blue Condor Music/BMI as performed by The Buzzard Brothers

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