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published by Blue Condor Music/BMI as performed by The Buzzard Brothers

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***CD cover art and photo by Nancy Gerver Creations

Not pictured: Sunset Bobby

We cut this jingle, Stray Dog, Sunset, and I, today, July 10, 2000. We cut it at KFLX Radio, The EAGLE, where we have played on air a couple of times, and will again in August. Sunset's Wife, Lori, provided the tag for the commercial.

Bookman's Used Books, where we've played for years, asked me to write a jingle for KFLX's local music show, THE EAGLE'S NEST, which they sponsor. Seeing as though both Sunset and I spent years as radio announcers, this was a real nostalgic trip back in time (except for the completely digital studio!).

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