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Grant William "Brad" Gerver writes. Period. Breathing life into his words is longtime Brother, graphic artist, designer, illustrator and fellow writer, Larry "Monte' " Monteverde. Without him, nobody would know I/we exist. Brad is a longtime published cartoon strip writer/creator specializing in left-wing political humor, political satire, the non-political, and bumper sticker writing. He's also an accomplished product naming consultant and songwriter (Blue Condor Music/BMI). Off-the-wall, irreverent comedy is a guiding principle. "Brad" is also a very active performing blues artist with The Buzzard Brothers. Grant's forte is humorous one-liners and all-around terse-verse writing. He is featured on many websites, including the wicked All Hat No Cattle. The former radio announcer, children's author, and retired elementary school teacher excels at writing all things short, sweet, and to-the-point. If you must pick one word to describe him, it would have to be "prolific." *He is currently searching for a literary and/or talent agent to represent him and the Band. Interested parties may inquire via email (seriouskidding@gmail.com).*

"Where creativity and originality meet punctuality and good grammar."

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"I believe in Bush, Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz and The Tooth Fairy." --my Dad, Spike Gerver, 6-24-05

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This Is Where The Fun Begins:

* Patriots Deflategate Investigation suddenly pointing toward Buffalo Wild Wings     
(by Casey Spike Gerver, Super Bowl Sunday, 2-1-2015)

*"It makes Bernie Madoff look like chump change": Matt Taibbi's "Wall Street's Naked Swindle."

*"Elizabeth Warren for President!" I've been listening to this brilliant woman for years. Update: don't sacrifice her as President. She's The People's Champ and can do more as a Senator.

* President Obama, you have it all. You totally deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. You have the power to make enormous change we can all believe in. It is up to you to use the power that we gave you and to lead us with abandon. The time to act boldly and resolutely is now. I am, and always will be rooting you on, Sir. --Gratefully, Grant Brad Gerver      (10-12-2009)

* The only thing Republicans have got going for them is a sincere desire to continue the distruction of their own Country. They're all figurative suicide bombers at heart: USA Failure = Love.      (10-12-2009)

* Seeing indicted Tom DeLay dance with that cute little GOP elephant on his back and his Hammer-ass waving in my face is enough to make me question how long my HDTV will survive before I riddle it with bullets. Then again, I suppose he's dedicating his performance to Terri Schiavo (and, I don't own a gun).      (10-6-2009)

* Letterman, Jon & Kate, Polanski, Dancing Tom, and entertainment baby bumps galore: And we're worried about the small stuff like the economy, jobs, foreclosures, satanic banks, health care, H1R1 ("R" is for Republican), Afghanistan-Iraq, Iran, China, North Korea, Global Warming...? Priorities, people!      (Thanks to Mike S. for the "H1R1" idea.)(10-6-2009)

* Letterman to debut "Stupid Sex Tricks."      (10-6-2009)

* The Republicans are gloating over their new hard-won victory for The American People: No Olympics in Chicago.      (10-6-2009)

* A new Arizona bar opens tonight: The Drunken Gun      (10-2-2009)

* We already have the public option, for crying out loud: I get sick, I go to the ER and you pay for it.      (10-2-2009)

* If Bill Clinton had done what David Letterman just did, perhaps we might not be in the mess we're in right now. Think about it (as in "Yes, I did have sexual relations with that woman" = maybe no Clinton impeachment, Gore wins by a landslide, maybe 9/11 hijackers would have been thwarted, no Iraq war, maybe no economic collapse, a powerful Katrina response, real Global Warming progress, and the list goes on and on...).      (10-2-2009)

* No wonder Jon Stewart is the most trusted newsman in America. He has earned and deserves the title hands down. Democrats, can you take a hint? Obviously, NO.      (10-1-2009)

* The Democrats are just like Cosmo Kramer: They're afraid of Republican clowns.      (10-1-2009)

* GOP leaders suggest Americans look more to God for spiritual health care so the government doesn't have to pony up.      (10-1-2009)

* New Republican health care wrinkle: mandated policies must be purchased with a credit card.      (10-1-2009)

* If you give Americans a public option, they'll be demanding even more stuff, and we can't have that.      (10-1-2009)

* Damnit, more lies to try and undermine Creationism from that radical leftist publication, National Geographic.      (10-1-2009)

* Many big corporations secretly using "Madoffian techniques."      (9-30-2009)

* DNA tests prove Santa is a Democrat.      (9-30-2009)

* Mommy, why are the banks trading more derivatives than ever?      (9-30-2009)

* I will refuse any government health care handout. When you've got your pride, you've got everything.      (9-30-2009)

* And on the Eighth Day, God killed the economy.      (9-30-2009)

* Quit blaming Bush and the Republicans for everything, okay? It would have happened all by itself anyway, just like Global Warming and Creation. It's a cycle unaffected by feeble Mankind.      (9-30-2009)

* Agency for United States Traumatization Enabled by Republican Economics      (9-25-2009)

* Is the US economic asteroid rapidly approaching with no diversion possible?      (9-25-2009)

* Terrible money news: the Fed's main currency printer has exploded from overuse. You are asked to send repair donations ASAP.      (9-25-2009)

* I know, I know: Doom-and-gloom is getting old. It's all you hear and read about. But lighten up, America: It was one helluva a great ride.      (9-25-2009)

* Things are so bad, Halliburton has been forced to adopt the multi-level-marketing business model.      (9-25-2009)

* White House lays off cooking, housekeeping and groundskeeping staffs to set example for Americans.      (9-25-2009)

* Reaching across the aisle to Republicans is like trying to persuade Ahmadinejad that the Holocaust really did happen.      (9-24-2009)

* Those same pesky Republicans who have caused the entire Country and Globe to falter, "The Grand RePLUNDERcans," have the audacity to blame Obama for doing the same thing. When is SOMEBODY going to stand up to those completely perverted PR**KS? I sure hope it's you, Mr. Obama.      (9-24-2009)

* "Those who insist on remaining above the fray are doomed to be defeated by it." --Me, 2009.      (9-24-2009)

* Dear President Obama: It is high time to open up a can of Republican Whup-Ass. No more Mr. Nice Guy.      (Thanks to Gene Lyons.) (9-24-2009)

* Former Federal Reserve Chairman and top White House economic adviser Paul Volcker gets it. Will somebody please listen?      (9-24-2009)

* The John Phillips/Mamas & The Papas' song "I Saw Her Again Last Night" suddenly takes on a horrific new meaning.      (9-24-2009)

* We've got so many issues to deal with here in America, I'm thinkin' it's time to turn to more $piritual thing$.      (9-24-2009)

* I've finally concluded that 99% of the American People simply don't deserve prosperity.      (9-24-2009)

* I am officially a pessimoptimist.      (9-24-2009)

* I keep hearing the recession is over. But not for you and me, just the fat cats. That is truly heartwarming.      (9-24-2009)

* I've been pretty tough on President Obama lately, a man who I genuinely admire and respect. The fact that he is possibly considering alternatives for Afghanistan other than sending in tens of thousands more Troops is more evidence for never giving up on him.      (9-23-2009)

* When the going gets tough, the tough turn to football.      (9-23-2009)

* Don't look now, but the sky actually IS falling.      (9-23-2009)

* My retirement nest egg comes in 12-ounce cans.      (9-23-2009)

* Basically, Republicans want to "NO" us into a third-world country.      (9-23-2009)

* How about a "too little to fail" government bailout for "Everyday Americans?"      (9-18-2009)

* The last thing we need in America is Socialism. You know, that Commie-Pinko belief that we should share a little of the wealth and not be able to buy, sell and hustle derivatives.      (9-18-2009)

* An apple a day keeps the doctor away. So does having no health insurance.      (9-18-2009)

* Republican health care reform would allot vouchers for hand sanitizer to qualifying families.      (9-18-2009)

* Kanye West blames Taylor Swift outburst on bad crack.      (9-18-2009)

* Joe Wilson blames Obama outburst on Tourette's.      (9-18-2009)

* O'Reilly is backing the public option?! He must know it has no chance, so what the fiznuck, throw the commoners a bone they'll never have a chance in hell of realizing.      (9-18-2009)

* Editorial: "Change I Can't Believe In"
I honestly like President Obama very much. He is a thoughtful, extraordinarily brilliant and compassionate person. But, he is trying to affect change by conventional means in the totally corrupt political culture of Washington and well beyond. It ends up giving away more of OUR hard-earned loot to the very same morally bankrupt crooks who screwed us all over in the first place; health care that will only benefit the big insurance thugs, the end result being more of the disgusting same. The President said early on he would see what worked and what didn't, and would be open to "do-overs" until he gets it right. Well, there's not much right at this juncture. It is time to seize the day for the everyday common American, Sir, while you still can. Enough "reaching across the aisle" to racist Republican goon-sharks. What good have they ever done for you or any of us? You promised you'd bring our Troops home, but now you want more of what Bush got in Iraq, in Afghanistan. While I obviously can't be privy to all the details behind the scenes, I am sorely disappointed in this frivolous waste of human life and precious resources. Friends of mine have said "Be patient, he hasn't been President for very long. Give it time." Well, I wish we could afford that. We can not. If you don't bring on true change soon, we'll have more cancerous Republicans and Democrats monkey-wrenching and stealing what little is left of the American Dream from WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Respectfully, Grant Brad Gerver

* "Change" watered-down is no change at all. It is not only mortally diluted, it is mortally deluded.      (9-16-2009)

* A great judge with enormous cojones: To the corporate world, Jed S. Rakoff is an "activist" judge.      (9-16-2009)

* Basically, what it boils down to is this: change on all fronts is fine so long as it benefits the growing-bigger-than-ever gargantuan corporations and their elite. Change on their terms is just fine with them, thank you very much.      (9-16-2009)

* The Tea Party Express is aiming for a billion-person turnout. Thanks to Photoshop, I'm sure they'll get it.      (9-16-2009)

* Change we can believe in? The fat cats get fatter while we mere ferals are relegted to dumpster-diving.      (9-16-2009)

* "Too big to fail" means the Whole Country fails instead. Who the hell is lobbying for YOU and ME?      (9-14-2009)

* Shocker (NOT): "Census Report Shows Bush Economic Legacy Is Failure On Every Measurement." The Republican tax-cuts-for-the-richest-of-the-rich really helped put us where we are today: totally destroyed.      (9-14-2009)

* Republicanism is not healthy for children and other living things.      (9-14-2009)

* Does the H1N1 vaccine (formerly called Swine Flu) also protect you against Republicans?      (9-14-2009)

* Hey folks, I have nothing against Republicans. I have everything against them.      (9-14-2009)

* Need to puke? Just read this.      (9-12-2009)

* The Twin Towers are still collapsing...only this time they're in the form of the economy, health care and the GOP.      (9-11-2009)

* Dick Cheney will spend the day quietly reflecting on things while shooting assorted friends in the face.      (9-11-2009)

* Palin's new clothing line debuts today: The SarahWear® Fur Collection available only at Neiman Marcus.      (9-11-2009)

* Need to puke some more? Just read this.      (9-11-2009)

* ReDpubEliAcansD      (9-10-2009)

* Health care reform is pro-life.      (9-10-2009)

* Rep. Joe Wilson is the proud new face of the GOP.      (9-10-2009)

* Health care is taking a distant back seat to wealth care.      (9-10-2009)

* The biggest risk in giving decent affordable health care to all Americans is that they might think they're entitled to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It could get ugly.      (9-10-2009)

* We're all starring in "Brokeback Mountain of Debt."      (9-10-2009)

* Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. But he won't be coming this year.      (9-10-2009)

* Hubble is God.      (9-9-2009)

* Capitalism has failed because the Market wasn't allowed to let greedy bastard corporations fail.     (9-4-2009)

* Tea Party logic: "My Constitutional right to have little or no health insurance ends at socialized health care."      (9-4-2009)

* If you outlaw lobbying, only outlaws will have lobbyists.      (9-4-2009)

* "Greedconomics" just doesn't work anymore.      (9-4-2009)

* Take the Tea Party and throw it into Boston Harbor.      (9-4-2009)

* If every American has health care, wouldn't that make us too healthy?      (9-4-2009)

* H. L. Mencken: 㔨ere is always an easy solution to every human problem 砮eat, plausible and wrong.伢r /> Paul Krugman: "How did economists get it so wrong?"      (9-3-2009)

* Republicans and Conservatism have just been rated above nuclear waste, tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, pesticides, fast food and obesity as the worst hazards to your health.      (9-2-2009)

* Republicans want nothing more than nothing to change. Yeah, that's a healthy alternative.      (9-2-2009)


Shot Off The Press
continually continued...

Grant "Brad" Gerver - Featuring political left-wing humor including bumper stickers, terse verses, music and more.
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